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Hibiscus sabdariffa

A uniquely Australian variety of exotic Hibiscus with characteristics developed over thousands of years!

A fast-growing shrub which produces edible flowers and leaves. This plant has so many uses!
Calyces (flower casings) can be harvested in late summer/early autumn to make the well-known Rosella jam. These can be used fresh or dried for making tea. Other uses include syrups, sorbets, cakes and so many more.
Green, slightly tangy leaves can be used as spinach or sorrel, in a salad or stir fry.
The flower petals can be eaten, as a garnish or add to a salad.
The seeds can be roasted and ground into flour.

– Full sun
– Well drained soil – regular watering especially in hot weather
– Plants will die back in winter in cooler climates
– Feed with slow-release fertiliser

Mature Size: 2-3H x 1W m

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