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Budding green thumb

At Kennaugh’s Garden Centre, we love your garden!

Our nursery boasts an extensive range of plants, trees, ground covers and grasses to have your indoor or outdoor garden looking tip-top. Our qualified staff can help you decide on which products are best suited to your project, and our huge array of bagged products, fertilisers and mulch will ensure your garden stays at the peak of health.

From ornamental and fruit trees, to seedlings and tube stock our nursery can accommodate all your garden needs. If there is a special item you are looking for, our friendly team will source it from one of our many reputable suppliers.

Seasonal Delights

The product range at Kennaugh’s Garden Centre is ever-changing and we stock a vast array of seasonal products.

Our experienced garden lovers can provide advice on the best options for your garden, the best time to plant and how to maintain your chosen seasonal flora.

Trust your garden to the experts at Kennaugh’s Garden Centre!


Brighten up any room with our huge range of beautiful indoor plants.

We have something to please everyone, from the novice plant lover to the experienced indoor gardener. We stock those elusive, hard-to-find plants and everything in between! Colour your indoor space with some brilliant foliage from Kennaugh’s Garden Centre.


Whether you are a new gardener or garden-pro, Kennaugh’s Garden Centre offers expert advice and experience to help you choose the perfect plants for your garden.

Our stock is constantly changing to ensure your garden is blooming all year round. From seedlings and potted colour to shrubs, fruit trees and ornamentals we have got your garden needs covered.

Native plants

Kennaugh’s Garden Centre offers a great range of native plants to suit all environments.

From ground covers to shade trees, grasses and shrubs we can help you adorn your garden with truly hardy plants naturally designed to thrive in the local area. Throw in some native bush tucker and enjoy the fruits of your labour in your next meal or cup of tea!

Tube stock

Kennaugh’s Garden Centre stock a lovely selection of cottage and edible plants sourced from our wonderful wholesale nurseries.

These tube stock plants have fully established root systems so you can be confident of their potential to grow quickly once planted in your garden. Tube stock are great garden fillers and will provide a tapestry of colour within in any space.

Screening and Hedging

At Kennaugh’s Garden Centre, we offer a green alternative for privacy in your garden.

Screen your outdoor area with an evergreen Lilly Pilly which will provide thick foliage and a natural windbreak, or attract local birds and create an eye-catching feature with a Magnolia. Our range of hedging will ensure your space is surrounded by greenery all year round.


Get a healthy start on your garden with vegetable and flower seedlings from Kennaugh’s Garden Centre.

Sourced from quality grower Purtill’s Nursery, your edible and ornamental seedlings will have the best opportunity to take root and establish your desired garden outcomes from our excellent range. Enjoy the flowering beauty and harvest your garden crop cultivated from our nursery seedlings.

Potting Mix and Fertilisers

Kennaugh’s Garden Centre will keep your garden healthy and thriving with high-quality products from Searles and Grow Better.

Our qualified staff can help you select from our range of premium potting and planting mixes, fertilisers and soil conditioners according to your garden’s needs. Let us work with you to maximise your garden’s potential with products designed to complement the Australian environment.

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