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Amaryllis belladonna

Displays strikingly large and vibrant deep pink flowers, supported by purple stems, with each stem capable of bearing up to six fragrant trumpets. Commonly dubbed as “Naked Ladies,” these plants are characterized by their unique blooming behavior where the flower spike emerges without any accompanying foliage or leaves, followed by the growth of leaves a month or so later.

Mature Size: 75-90cmH

When to plant: Plant during dormancy

Flowering time: Blooms in late summer to Autumn

How to plant: Plant with the neck of the bulb just above soil level

– Plant in full sun
– Well drained soil
– Dig well-rotted compost/manure into soil 6 weeks before planting
– Frost and drought tolerant
– Fertilise after flowering
– Leave undisturbed for as long as possible to allow for clumping/multiplying

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