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Sinningia leucotricha Brazillian Edelweisse

A fascinating little plant, native to Brazil.

Brazillian Edelweisse is a hardy, slow growing caudex succulent. A relative of the African Violet, it is grown mostly for its unusual furry foliage. Small, bright orange-red tubular blooms emerge from October to June. A fab houseplant that you won’t have to worry about much at all!

– Shade – protect bulbs from strong sun to prevent sunburn. Will do well in any sunny position indoors
– Plant in any well drained soil
– Water soil when almost dry in summer, seldom in winter
– Can tolerate light frosts
– Repot when corm reaches sides of pot. Feed in warmer months
– Foliage can be cut back at any time to encourage new growth in August remove all growth to spring growth

Mature Size: 25H x 30W cm

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