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Sinningia bullata Emerald Forest

An amazing little plant!

Emerald Forest produces a large above ground tuber that will continue to expand up to 20cm across in 20-30 years.
Stunning bright green bubbly leaves on short stems with dense white fur underneath the new growth. Once grown they produce bright orange/red flowers on the foliage, stems will continue to flower for most of the year. Stems can be removed at any time of the year to produce new stems and flowers within weeks.
Unlike other tuberous Sinningias, this species does not have a dormant period over winter. Instead, new leaves and shoots will emerge throughout the year.

– Shade – protect bulbs from strong sun to prevent sunburn. Will do well in any sunny position indoors
– Not fussed about soil types
– Water regularly – will not tolerate water logging
– Fertilise any time of year to encourage good growth
– Bulbs must remain above ground

Mature Size: 25H x 30W cm

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