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Stevia rebaudiana

This small shrub is an attractive plant that will die back in late autumn. The plant forms small growing tips below the soil and needs to be protected trom heavy frosts, especially whilst young. A light covering of mulch will help protect the buds. Will grow in most soil types and prefers full sun.

Flavours/Food Partners:
Stevia partners with all the sweet herbs like mint, lime verbena, lemon balm and cooking fruit and vegetables like rhubarb. Use in normal tea, coffee, herbal teas, jellies, cool drinks and any other food that is eaten with sugar.
Use the leaves fresh or dry and grind into a powder then use in all forms of cooking. It is heat and food acid stable, so it is good for sauces, desserts and baking. The leaves are very sweet, and it will take some trialing to get the quantities right. It has no calories and is safe for diabetics.

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